Balaton International Egg Festival    

14-16. 10. 2005. III. Balaton International Egg Festival
8-10. 10. 2004. II. Balaton International Egg Festival
10-12. 10. 2003. I.Balaton International Egg Festival

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The Balaton International Egg Festival is organise to celebrate the Word Egg Day. Teh three-day festival organise by the Pasteur Tojásfeldolgozó Kft (Egg Processing Ltd.) (www.pasteur.hu) that introduce the idea, and by Balaton Rendezvényszervező Iroda (Events Organising Agency) (www.bri.hu) is an integrate and supplementary part of the campaign by the Egg Association for popularising eggs.

The goal of the festival is to popularise eggs as basic foodstuff and essential supplementary element for healthy nutriition, as well as the Balaton Rendezvényszetrvező Iroda target to lengthen the tourist season at Lake Balaton.

The date is choosen in accordance with World Egg Day ( the second Friday of October), which was introduced by the World Egg Association in 1999.

The organisets’ aim is to maintain and propagate the World Association’s endeavour i.e. to popularise eggs:
-Popularise and emphasize the importance of consuming eggs in every day’s nutriton.
-Break faulty opinions and ideas concerning egg consumption
-Acquaint and popularise the World Egg Day
-Introduse the various ways eggs can be prepared, egg dishes tasting.

Programs is selected and set together cautiously to enable all the different age groups to find the ones that are the most appropriate, diverse and interesting ant meet their needs. The event provide everyone, even those visitors who have been interested int he trade, paralell with useful information and pleasant atmosphere also with entertaining programs.

The main attraction of the festival is Guiness’ Record: the biggest egg dish of the World.